Fekivasy Product Show


Fekivasy is dedicated to designing and delivering beautiful products that last a lifetime. Each of our design goals is to provide family members with better quality of use. We have over 10 years of related experience in sanitary ware filed. Our products focus on humanized functions and pay attention to every detail that you care about. Just provide you an elegant product, convenient and comfortable life experience, and enhance the aesthetic enjoyment of home.
You will certainly fall in love with our unique and contemporary design at first sight.

Fekivasy  Bidet Sprayer Advantage
SUPER QUICK AND EASY INSTALLATION: Contains all the things you need for installation. You can finish installation in less than 10 minutes without any professional help! The set supports two installation methods (Wall or Toilet Mount).

IT'S A GAME CHANGER: If you never used a bidet sprayer before, you'll find plenty of uses for this handheld sprayer. It will make the "dirty work" with cloth diapers so much easier; you and your family can use it as a bidet; you can clean the toilet or the shower, wash the dog and many more!

FULLY ADJUSTABLE SPRAY: You control the pressure of the water by simply pressing a lever. You'll love how strong the jet is when the handle is pressed down completely. The second you let go of the lever, it will automatically stop spraying. You'll love that fresh clean feeling you'll have after using it!

SAVE MONEY AND SAVE THE EARTH: Yes- with this hand-held bidet spray you don't need to use toilet paper anymore: this means you can protect the environment and save money at the same time! we promise to do everything in our power for you to be 100% satisfied with it.